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the via francigena

the via francigena

Via Francigena was the long road that linked Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in Rome. It 'a road mostly unpaved, which crosses woods in beautiful landscapes, travelled since the Middle Ages by pilgrims seeking forgiveness or during the Holy Year.
The road in Italy through many of the most beautiful in Tuscany and dell'Emilia not randomly from Rome and back to France (this is the origin of the name) touches Siena, Fucecchio, Altopascio, Lucca and the passage of Cisa .
The historic importance of the road is demonstrated by the fact that the patron saint of Pistoia is precisely San Jacopo (holy is entitled to the city of Santiago de Compostela).
A very special section is called "Via Frances of Sambuca" from Pistoia arrived in Bologna and was flown compared to the original path for its ease. It divided the Tuscan side (of the valley and Brana) via the Signorino (PT) until passage of the Hill.
At less than 2.5 km, take in an hour and is of medium difficulty. And 'marked path Cai number 163. Along the way there are numerous signs learning useful for trips or school.
It reaches Pavana follow the 64 "Porrettana" until Piazzale Church of from the route which starts teaching. Alternatively, you can get there by train or bus from Pistoia.
From Castle Sambuca
Take the 64 to Bellavalle , which begins the road. Remember that in the summer there are big problems with parking. On foot, you can do the "Road of lovers" quite challenging route of approximately 50 minutes.
For information contact the town of Sambuca Pistoiese 0573 893716

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