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river lima

river lima

The torrent Lima was born in Tuscany, in the high Apennines Pistoiese, dell'Abetone nearby, and after travelling 40 km flows in the Serchio, which is the largest tributary. During his route is divided by three dams in as many Enel shares, each with different characteristics. The first section, which comes from the source at the confluence with Limestre, has a very low, as the last stretch. The stretch from the dam Limestre Giardinetto one with the greatest flow of water and is the most suitable for trout fishing. Torrente still very much alive, hosts its waters in a good number of fish. Without any doubt trout is the most abundant species throughout the Corsican torrent. Scholars tend to separate the stretch predominantly inhabited by salmonids (up to the confluence with the river Liegora) stretch from hosting rib.

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