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what to do in summer in pievepelago

what to do in summer in pievepelago

Lying astride the mountainous area between the cities of Modena, in Emilia Romagna, and Pistoia in Tuscany, is considered as one of the finest locality of the Apennines where there are the greatest and highest mountains. Tourism is definitely the leading sector of the city economy. The town is popular with tourists especially in winter thanks to the proximity to the ski slopes of Mount Cimone and to the nearby Mount Abetone, on the Tuscan side.

In particular the town of Sant'Anna Pelago has become in recent years a very important ski resort of the Apennines of Modena and its development is increasing. There are 3 lifts (a ski lift and two two-seat chairlifts) that lead to the ski slopes on Mount Albano to about 1700m. Close to the slopes, nearby the chairlift of I Ghiacci, there is a snow-park for experienced skiers who want to try evolution and stunts on the snow.

In the same way, fans of cross country skiing will not be disappointed. The town has a long sporting tradition tied to cross country and some of the local ski club athletes also had a national reputation. In locality Acque Chiare there is a permanent run double track approved for national competitions in which you can access for free. Also inside the sports center of Sant'Anna there is a cross-country track, the Pista di Fondo Paesana, which is artificially kept lit and completely snow-covered.

Tourists can easily switch from the downtown hotels to the skilifts as they are placed a few hundred meters from each other and rent skis and boots in specialized stores on the spot.

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