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The company Mettallurgica Italiana (SMI), today Europe Metals, since its foundation in 1886, had a considerable importance in the production of semi-finished and finished products in copper and its alloys. This society was very important during the two World Wars in 1915 was built the plant Fornaci di Barga (LU), passing the 6000 t. Production of 1902 to more than 36000 t. In 1917. In the postwar period, more precisely in 1920, was born GIM, Society for el'Esportazione Commerce of Metals Lavorati. In 1932 were increased production of aluminum and, for the first time in Italy, at installations of a company, was made the casting semicontinua. SMI has always been a leading manufacturer of semi-finished and finished products metal, but during the Second World War faced serious problems of production, but managing to avoid the destruction of facilities situated on horseback line Gothic, German defence line. Salvatore Orlando, CEO SMI, was also built at Campo Tizzoro Limestre and two new villages workers and two schools: one in Fornaci of Barga and the other at Campo Tizzoro.

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