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ski slopes of pievepelago

ski slopes of pievepelago

Downhill slopes

Sant'Anna Pelago is among the smallest ski resorts of the Apennines of Modena there are red runs, blue runs and green runs for a total of 12 km. The maximum height reaches about 1700 m of Mount Albano. Next to the slopes for intermediate and expert skiers there are numerous trails suitable for families with children and for those who want to learn to ski. Available to lovers of evolution and jumps there is also a snow-park.

Pievepelago is located a few kilometers from the locality of Le Polle from which you can reach the more numerous ski slopes of the Mount Cimone.

This are the ski slopes available in Sant'Anna Pelago:

Poggio Scorzatello A

Poggio Scorzatello B

Ghiacci A

Ghiacci B

Ski school camp Lagacciola

Snow-Park Track


Cross-Country skiing

In locality Acque Chiare is available a suggestive permanent track for cross-country skiing is a double track to which you can access for free. Is approved for national competitions with rings path of 7.5 to 5 - 3 km that run in a beautiful landscape.

Newly built within the already existing sports center a few meters from the hotel, right in the middle of the town, is the rink Pista di Fondo Paesana. This is a track approved for national competitions by the length of 2.5 km of which a ring of 1.5 km completely artificial snow covered and illuminated. The route has a wide range of length with rings of 1,5-2,0-2,5 km in order to allow the competitions for all FISI categories.

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